Origins and first years of history

In the end of the seventies, the residents of the neighborhood of La Verneda, encouraged to learn and get access to education, organize, through volunteering, which today is the Learning Community Adult School La Verneda-St. Martí. These were years of struggle and demands for improvement of a suburb, a poor neighborhood of working people and some of them from Catalonia and many towns and cities throughout the Spanish State.

A neighborhood without services, basically a bedroom area where public transport didn´t come from the city of Barcelona and where taxis didn’t want to come. A district with a population that Franco had dennied the access and possibility of acquiring academic knowledge and therefore we can say that its population had high rates of illiteracy, poor academic qualifications and little knowledge of Catalan. The residents of La Verneda, in the 70, might not have some academic knowledge but instead had a cultural and practical unique knowledge that was the basis of thousands of learning processes, not basic learning but learning without limits.

From the idea and the proposal of a neighbour of the neighborhood teaching in the Association of Neighbours of Verneda Alta and from the union and demand of many organizations and neighborhood groups, it began to organize the School of Adult People the Verneda. It must be said that the union of the entities and neighborhood groups, that now can live quite naturally, became an unprecedented event in 1978. At that time the claims and demands of the population in the neighborhood had as a spokesman Verneda neighborhood associations and initiatives that were developed from the population took place from delegationships and in the territories of action of these entities. That is why we can say that this union of bodies was key to the future of the school and the neighborhood. Key to the future of the school, among other things, because it was born with a sense of belonging to everybody rather than being of people depending on where they live, this fact will be crucial throughout our history to grow and enrich us as a school from the voice of the people who come to school but also from the voice of those that do not come, from promoting the presence and assistance of people from different neighborhoods, cities and countries worldwide. The union of bodies for an adult school was also key to the neighborhood, because that promoted more actions between entities and groups, that later decided to be legally registered in 1987 as Coordinator of organizations VERN.

The quality of education taught from the beginning in school, the principles of equality and democracy established from the beginning , and the dedication of many people in the school district to strip out, in months made it possible that the initial group of 15 people became a hundred and up to 1,700 people currently participating in the School, not to mention the waiting lists of hundreds of people waiting to access to our activities.

In 1986 Àgora and Heura associations were born, the first being mixed and the second for women. Both will work in conjunction with the Classroom Teacher Training Adult La Verneda, so the project will belong always to the participants and to those people more at risk of social exclusion and they will have access to quality education and maximum quality.

Coordination and joint work between Àgora and Heura associations, that make up our learning community, enable that the school could be a different center that the one we know until today, and working together makes it possible a social, cultural and educational reference at the national and international level, for its capacity for social transformation and the possibility of building a social, cultural and economic better future for the people of the neighborhood and society in general.


The Gaudi building, where our school stands, is the current Civic Center

As mentioned, the 70s became years of struggle and demands for a better neighborhood. One of these very important fights and promoted by a group of parents was the demand for a nursery school. This group of parents were those who started occupation of what had been the building of the Women's Section of the Movement to turn it into a space for a nursery school and a cultural building for the neighborhood. On the fifth floor of this building it stood the School of Adult Verneda, which is the building that was inaugurated on 12 December 1982 in the City Council, as it is still currently the Civic Center Verneda of St. Martin.