Would you like to become a volunteer

We need people like you!

To teach catalan and spanish for beginners, entrance exam for the university, literacy, languages, computers... and many more things. 
You can contact us: 93 256 57 79 - agora@edaverneda.org

Who are the volunteers at the School?

People who collaborate come from different fields, both academic and practical. To have this large and diverse range of people constantly enriches the interdisciplinary educational work of the center we are driving. The profiles are:

  • Current or former participants of the school, which have been formed in the center itself.
  • Neighbours in the neighbourhoud who want to participate actively in community development in the neighborhoud.
  • People working in different universities, professors, doctors, teachers, researchers in education, sociology, teaching, education, economics, psychology, etc.
  • People with studies who are working in other places (public or private) or are unemployed. Their fields of knowledge are very diverse: anthropology, education, art, law, philosophy, telecommunications, etc.
  • Boys and girls students of different faculties and colleges, once they have finished their probationary periods collaborate in school.

The school encourages and promotes collaboration primarily for people who have been trained at the Centre. It is recalled that some of those contributors to La Verneda have been involved on the basis and now are involved in other training areas so therefore they continue to work actively for the project.


The formation process of the individual contributor

The incorporation of the individual contributor is done throughout the course. But to join he must know the global needs to know the center and go through a period of learning. For this purpose we have designed a learning path that is needed to follow:

  • To know the project through reading and participation in briefings that are offered
  • To be involved practically in the project he follows a route to get the full range of the center, in otrher words the person must go through different levels, modules, workshops, associations, etc

Once the path is done, the person stands up in support in that area, level or task that has motivated him. The support person comes in with an older partner person and coordinates with him to take forward the on going work.This is an introductory period and it is also a learning process.