Being in the neighborhood, being in the city

The first area of impact and participation of the School is the district of La Verneda. The school changes with the neighborhood and the district changes with the school, so we improve the social situation and the education of its population. Historically, the school has participated for improvements in the neighborhood, so there are now several services to social issues, the metro, a new walkway etc.

A permanent objective of the School is to reach all the people and all the sectors of the district to help everyone to get access to the adult education they need!

One of the main channels of influence in the neighborhood is the active participation in VERN, the Coordinator of Organizations of the neighborhood. Also we are members of the Women Council of the District of Sant Martí and of the Schoolar Coucil of the District of Sant Martí. We collaborate with the Center Cívic de Sant Martí, and the services that make it up, such as the Library.

Likewise, we are in the city of Barcelona from the commitment to the neighborhood and district. Areas such as the Athenaeum of the city, Plaza Sant Jaume, the Center's internal City Council or the auditorium of the University of Barcelona, have redeived the associations in more than one occasion.

In 2003, it was just celebrated the 25th anniversary of the School of Adults Verneda The president of the Association Agora was awarded with the gold medal of the city A medal extraordinarily celebrated in recognition of a fully integrated community development work of the whole school, district and city.