School and their associations Àgora and Heura are getting many awards. Our intense social and educational causes are increasingly valued by the government, what we are doing and also how we're doing it.


Last awards:

2013. Premi Compromís Democràtic
Departament de Governació i Relacions Internacionals

2010. Barcelona Associations awards
Consell municipal d'Associacions de Barcelona

2007. Solidarity Award
Human Rights Institute of Catalonia

2002. Award for Best Entity District St. Martí
City Council

2002. Premi a la Millor Entitat del Districte de Sant Martí
City Council

2002. Award Equity and Difference between men and women, together with F.A.C.E.P.A and the association DROM KOTAR MESTIPEN.
Catalan Institute for Women. Generalitat de Catalunya

2002. Volunteer Award.
Catalan Institute of Volunteering. I.N.C.A.V.O.L. Catalan Generalitat de Catalunya


International recognition:

The work and results of the School and their associations Àgora and Heura are already having a significant international recognition and are influencing the thinking and university research that defines and theorizes about future educational practices.

Some people have left in those memories international importance for our school:

John Commings. Director of NCSALL (National Center for the Study of Adult Learning and Literacy). Harvard University.USA

"I have visited hundreds of adult education centers worldwide, but the Verneda St. Martí stands out in my memory because it was both a learning and a serious fun. These two qualities make it a place that serves both for the mind and the heart "

Roseli Rodriguez de Mello (Doctora en Educaçao UFSCAR)
(Universidade Federal de Sao Carlos). Brasil

"From the Data that I had access in La Escuela de Personas Adultas Verneda Sant-Martí, I could understand that in daring to dream, lies the courage to specify what is dreamt, assuming the disclaimer transformed by the reality and the fear that the transformation generates. In this way we build a practical solidarity with the other people, institutions and excluded groups."

Gordon Wells. University of California. Santa Cruz

Gordon Wells, one of the most important authors in education, wanted to know the center of education of adult people La Verneda, on April 4th he had the opportunity to do it. Three days later, in a conference he quoted the center as an example of a good educational.

The educational experience of the project has been published in one of the most prestigious international journal, the Harvard Educational Review article with La Verneda-Sant Martí: A School Where People Dare to Dream) de Montse Sánchez Aroca. Professor at the Universitat Ramon Llull, Barcelona