Actions in a situation of harassment or gender-based violence

The School is a space free of gender-based violence and harassment. To make this a reality we have created a protocol and a special commission that work preventing this kind of situations. 

What can I do if I’m exposed to harassment or a gender-based violence situation at the School? 

There are different ways to report the case

  • Go to talk with the School coordination (“Raconet”)
  • Call to the School Phone: 93 256 57 79, and ask to talk with coordination.
  • Send an email to:

All the cases that are reported (by person, pone or email) will be treated with absolutely confidentiality.


Commission for the prevention of domestic violence:

From an educational perspective, respecting human rights and under the guidance of the Fourth World Conference on Women (Beijing 1995), we work to get that there are no cases of harassment and gender violence in school. As in many universities and schools of international level, there is a specific committee that analyzes cases that are known at school and can not be settled through dialogue.

This committee, composed of participants, collaborators and day to day, different cultures and ages, requests information from the parts and proposes a solution to the conflict, taking always position in favor of the victims. As a general rule, we do not accept the continuation at school of any person not engaged in changing sexist behavior.

It is necessary that all the staff of the school be aware of the existence of this committee and educational guidance.