Interactive groups

To carry out educational activities, we encourage to form interactive groups in classes, small groups of participants in which people help each other, teach and collaborate with each other. These groups encourage solidarity, dialogue among equals, the expression of implicit knowledge and skills and the cultural intelligence of all people. Thus, the class is not focused on the figure of the dinamic person.

The interactive groups is a methodological innovation that we are developing in the school. Everyone shares the knowledge and explanations: those who know the reasoning reinforce the content explaining it to colleagues, and those who didn´t know learn it more easily explained by a colleague or a partner. This is because a person who has done the same learning process can provide strategies to help the other person in this learning.

This way of organizing the class benefits everyone: the person who receives the aid and the person who gives it because he also strengthens and learns what he knows best. This is the way to overcome the unevenness that may be given and progress together towards the objectives in a faster way.