Family education

Since March 2009, the School is working on the Family Eduation Project, which contains instrumental forms related to children and young people from educational centers of the District of Sant Martí.

Some researchs show that family involvement in training processes impact, favorably, in improving the educational process of children. For this reason we started this training in the schools themselves, for free. Today we are developing it in three schools, and we will soon begin doing it in more centers. The activities we offer are:

1. Specific workshops

Specific training activities, depending on the specific demands of the families and / or the schools. They can be very different: languages, ICT, literacy ...

2. "We learn, they learn."

We work the contents of the classes where the children of primary or secondary are in advance on the timing of male and female students, to encourage the support families make when, for example, they do their homework.

3. "Dialogic literary circles".

Cultural and educational activity based on shared reading. This is an experience of equal dialogue, reflection and learning from the instrumental reading of classic literature. From the literary circle, there are several types of learning either language, literature, TIC’s ... This project has the support of the FAPACÁN, the District of Sant Martí, the School Board of St. Martí, the Education Strategic Plan of the District of Sant Martí and the Barcelona Municipal School Board